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Welcome to the Institute of Economic Theory and Methodology!


Our institute is part of the Faculty of Economics, University of Miskolc. We have 10 lecturers working in our 3 departments (Department of Economic Policy, Department of Economics, Department of Business Statistics and Economic Forecasting).

We aim to increase the students' awareness and understanding of microeconomic, macroeconomic and economic policy issues, to develop their competences regarding the collection, evaluation and application of data on the state of the economy. By achieving credible results with our research activities and by publishing them on prominent platforms, we try to contribute to the prosperity of the University and its wider environment.



Our institute plays a key role in ensuring that students acquire a high level of expertise in economics, economic policy and statistical analysis, thus gaining theoretical and methodological basis for their further studies. We are privileged to provide this knowledge not only to all economics students, but also to a wide range of students from other faculties.

We teach at all levels of tertiary education, including higher education vocational training, bachelor's and master's degrees, postgraduate and doctoral studies - both full-time and part-time. We offer compulsory and elective courses, many of which can be completed in English or German.

The G-Eminent Award, established by our Institute, is awarded in each semester to the students who complete our courses with top results, and also perform outstanding in extra-curricular activities.



Our lecturers have published major papers on a wide range of topics from entrepreneurship theory, economic development and its components, through the formation of human capital to the elements of sustainability. Over the last two decades, we have been involved in several Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, Visegrad Fund and European Union research projects. Some of our results are published in the GEMI Working Papers. Our ‘Research Methodology Sessions’ is a series of events aimed to discuss specific issues of the research process, thus facilitating collaboration in the field of publication.

Students are encouraged to get involved in the scientific activities of our institute: we offer a wide range of thesis and research topics.


Social Engagement

We regularly publish commentaries on current public issues on our social media platforms. Our colleagues are actively involved in the work of the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, they give informative lectures and are happy to take part in media appearances on economic and methodological issues.