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Course materials can be found in the Moodle system of University of Miskolc. Schedules can be opened by clicking on the subject codes.

Faculty of Economics

Subject Full-time Part-time
Bachelor (BA/BSc)
Business Statistics GTÜSE1021AB
Economic Policy GTGVÖ111BNA
International Economics GTGKG1231BNA
Macroeconomics GTGKG1122BNA
Makroökonomie GTGKG1122BNN
Microeconomics GTGKG111BNA
Mikroökonomie GTGKG111BNN
Statistics GTÜSE1012AB
Master (MA/MSc)
Intermediate International Economics GTGKG2033MNA GTGKG2033MLA
Network Economics GTGKG250MNA GTGKG250MLA
Quantitative Statistical Methods GTÜSE2015AM GTÜSE2015AML
Research Methodology GTGKG2512MNA GTGKG2512MLA
Modern market theory GTGKG425A
Quantitative Analysis GTÜSE421A
Quantitative research methods GTÜSE431A