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Aku-Sika Buah's predefence

03. November 2022. 10:40
The online department pre-defence of Aku-Sika Buah’s PhD thesis draft titled "The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth and Development; A Comparative Analysis Using Panel Regression Estimation" is held 22 November 2022, starting from 2:00pm. Click for details.
You are invited to participate on the pre-defence. If you want to join the discussion, you have to register in advance by clicking the link below:
You will receive and individual link before the discussion starts.
The draft version of the thesis, theses booklet submitted for the department pre-defence may be downloaded from the following link: 
Andrea S. Gubik, PhD (University of Miskolc)
Balázs Kotosz, dr. habil PhD (IÉSEG School of Management)
Zsombor Ligeti, PhD (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Methodological review:
Klára Szűcsné Markovics, PhD (University of Miskolc)